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Ramsharan Das, a senior socialist leader, freedom fighters fighter, who was called Lohia's follower, was among the last people of that political tribe, who did not make any sacrifices for the country and the society, but could not make even ancestral land for himself. Ramsharan Das ji was a life image of honesty, continuous struggle and socialism. They continued on the thorny path of Lohia and socialism in childhood and on the thorny path of life-long socialism.

Shri Rameshwar Das was born on 3 July 1927 and Mahaprayaan on November 21, 2008. They are devoted to the life-long socialist movement and ideology. Shri Das has been twice the Cabinet Minister, Vice Chairman of Planning Commission, MLL and MLC and SP for 16 years. He put the whole life into strongness in the socialist movement.

Let me tell you that the verdict of Rameshan Das has been decided against Indira ji. He was such a socialist who never bowed before injustice, even the greed of the bigger rank could not deter him from the duty. They opposed the Emergency and corrected the prison torture. On November 05, 1992, when Netaji Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav formed Samajwadi Party, considering his simplicity, sacrifice and dedication, the SP was first elected as the President, and then he remained in his lifetime for this post. Ramsharan Das Lohia had deep faith in the concepts of Saptakranti, Decentralization, Dam Bando, Movement of the feudal language, Clean the rivers. They used to say that Communism is the biggest enemy of society and cancer, without destroying the root, the country will not be good. Destroying communalism is the basic duty of socialists.

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